Posted by Bruce Wood on Jan 04, 2023
Visiting Rotarian, Johann Touhy (left), of the Rotary Club of Margate in England is thanked by Lake Houston Rotary Club president Eric Gomez for sharing what his club's international project in Sri Lanka is all about. Touhy is a former resident of Kingwood now living in the United Kingdom.
This week the club welcomed a visiting Rotarian from England who is also a past resident of Kingwood, Johann Tuohy.
Johann is a member of the Rotary Club of Margate, UK.
Johann shared details of some of the projects his club has been carrying out including The Tea Leaf Project and its Rotary Library Bus. This project is supported by multiple clubs in England and France including the Rotary Club of Margate.
The bus is supplied with books and learning to read and write materials. It is active in the northern region of Sr Lanka. It’s called The Tealeaf Project because the region of the country where tea plantations are located.
It’s used for getting students, particularly girls, to the Tea Leaf Vision Centre college in a safe and economic way. The Tea Leaf Vision Centre college provides further education in English language.
The bus is also used during the school day, to visit 12 local primary schools staffed with second year students, to assist in the teaching of English to the young children.
If you would like to know more about this project, you may find it here: