November Update
            Do you all happen to remember how I said that October lasted forever? Well November was the exact opposite of that. So I'm gonna be completely honest and say that at the start of the month I didn’t have a great outlook. I knew coming in that this month would be the most difficult because there was literally nothing planned; it was just an empty month. However because of this outlook I learned a valuable lesson, life is lived best in the present. I discovered that in this otherwise bland month I was having a great time because I was taking each day and living. Not having anything to look forward to taught me how to look at the moment and has made November the most rewarding and actually a really fun month. Here are a few of the little things I did throughout the month:
  • Gave a presentation about the US and got to learn about all the other cultures at my school and I had a great time
  • Went ice skating with some friends and got into the Christmas spirit
  • Planted a tree with the other exchange students as a sign of our new life in Germany and as a sign of international friendship.
  • Went rock climbing with my soon-to-be host family and the exchange students
  • Enjoyed watching the city be dressed up and lit up for Christmas (they take it very seriously over here)
  • Had a great time at the Mindener Messe, a festival to celebrate the coming of advent. Ok that reason was a total guess I don’t know why it was held I just know it was fun.
  • Went hiking with the other exchangers through the woods from a castle to a nature station café.
  • Enjoyed the Christmas Market, especially at night
  • Went to the town (Hameln) that inspired the fairy tale “The Pied Piper” with my Councilor and got to see the amazing Christmas Market
  • And finally went to the top of the Mindener Dom and saw a spectacular view of my city
            Well I know I did it a bit differently this time but as I said there weren't many trips to talk about, just things that happened. But I'm so pleased with this month and the invaluable lesson it has taught me! Here’s to a wonderful last month of the year!