Update From Adam, A former Exchange Student from Poland
Adam Bulat was one of our exchange students, from Poland, in the 2006-07 academic year.
Some of the pictures are from the tree planting along Lake Houston Parkway on the way to IAH. Also in the picture is Youth Exchange Student Veronika Kosova from Ostrava, Czech Republic. 
Adam is in our family fantasy soccer pool on the English Premiership and is leading the pool.
His host was the late Jamie Black and her family.
Memo for Adam to Bill Davis
Hello Mr. Davis,
I am sorry that I am writing back so late. My only justification is that I am very busy all the time.
When I finished law school I started my attorney apprenticeship. I worked at the law firm, I was going to the court and writing some legal applications. I passed my final exams at April 2016. I got my own license, I started my own law firm in July. Currently i have my office in my hometown in Bydgoszcz, but I am going to open another office in Warsaw. I am running criminal law and commercial law cases. I really like my job.  
In 2012 I  started  my PhD studies at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. I am writing about the role of defense counsel in plea bargaining in Polish law. I would like to defend my PhD thesis in 2017.
And of course I am also working for my society. I am the vice president of Soccer Club Zawisza Bydgoszcz. I perform my duties pro bono. More then 200 kids practice soccer in pour club. In some age categories we are one of the best youth soccer clubs in Poland.
I am really missing my time that I spent in US. Thank you one more time for your commitment. I had the best hosting Rotary Club ever :)
How are you doing? Are you still involved in Youth Exchange Program ?
Say hello from me to Mrs. Joan. I hope she still remembers me.
With the best wishes,