Humble Rotary Honors D.B. McDonald
The Rotary Club of Humble honored D. B. McDonald by awarding an Honorary Membership for his service and devotion to Rotary principles since the inception of Humble Rotary on April 19th in 1967.He also was recognized for perfect attendance at club meetings since the chartering of the club on April 19th of 1967.
An organizational meeting of the Humble Provisional Rotary Club was held on April 6, 1967. On April 19, 1967 a meeting of the Humble Provisional Rotary Club was held and D. B. was one of 22 Charter Members. Wayne Robbins an existing honorary member was also one of the charter members.
Humble Rotarian, Dr. Bob Cassidy, affectionately known as Dr. Bob shared what Humble was in those days and what the cost of goods and services were. Some of his comments were that there was no Hospital, no airport, no shopping, no 1960 by pass, no Kingwood. Humble High school was 18 months old, the average income was $7000, gas was 22 cents a gallon, and 2 hamburgers with fries and a coke was 50 cents plus tax.   
Dr. Bob shared how difficult it is to have perfect attendance for a time period of almost 50 years. “Assuming there are 48 meetings per year, that would mean that D.B. has attended 2400 meetings” without missing or doing a makeup. Rotary allows a member to make up a missed meeting by attending another Rotary’s club meeting, within a very limited time.
This was indeed an outstanding accomplishment.
Humble Rotarian Bruce Ward shared information about the clubs activities over these years. He concluded his comments by presenting an award for perfect attendance and an honorary membership.
Rotary’s eligibility for an Honorary Membership is limited to persons who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals.
D.B. was informed that as an Honorary member he no longer had to make meetings or pay dues. His comment was “what am I going to do on Wednesdays?” For the record, D.B. was at the next meeting.
The McDonald family is one of only four families that have had multiple memberships in Humble Rotary. Daughter Debbie McDonald has been a dedicated Humble Rotarian for numerous years.   
Debbie prepared a pictorial history of D.B.’s life and activity in Rotary.