A Timeline for the Cartegena Project That Felipe Conducted
  • 4/15/12     Read newspaper about president Obama visit to Colombia, article mentioned Ronald McDonald Foundation (RMF) was going to help a hospital in Cartagena but saying medical equipment was needed.
  • 5/?/12     Contacted RMF president for South America
  • 6/1/12     Meeting in Colombia with Ronald McDonald Foundation personnel to hear about needs
  • 8/12/12     Traveled to Cartagena to meet hospital officials and to get specifics about project. Explored possibility of doing a donation of a Project CURE container
  • 10/28/12     Assessor from CURE, Denver office went to Cartagena to assess hospital needs (hospital paid for this expense)
  • Spring of 2013     Hospital revaluated business plan and decided getting the CURE container was not the priority but obtaining license to perform surgeries. Our project was adjusted accordingly to provide instead the new equipment needed to get the license.
  • 10/24/13     Formal request for funds pledge was sent to the Cartagena Rotary Club
  • 10/31/13     GG application was drafted
  • Winter of 2013     GG was submitted
  • 4/9/14    RI advised Humble president Jim Randall that GG was approved
  • 6/6/14    GG was funded, Cartagena club got money transfer from RI
  • 6/10/14     Equipment was purchased
  • 8/19/14     First batch of equipment was received by hospital, partial report was submitted to RI
  • 10/28/14     traveled to Colombia to witness delivery of last batch of equipment to hospital
  • 11/19/14     final report sent to RI. Little after that RI accepted report to their satisfaction and closed the GG
It took two and one half years to bring this project to fruition. A job well done by Felipe, a dedicated Rotarian. Where there is a will, there is a way.