Posted by Bruce Wood on Nov 29, 2022
Rotarian Bill Davis has shared the following update from Rotary Global Scholar Aanchal Thadani. She’s attending the London School of Economics on a $30,000 Rotary scholarship. (Note: Aanchal was the club’s guest speaker earlier last February.) Aanchal is a student at Baylor College of Medicine, class of 2024, pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine.  Aanchal (center) is pictured here during a day trip to Bath with school friends.
Bill reports Aanchal was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Texas to attend Baylor University where see earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Humanities. She will earn a Master of Science in International Health Policy at London School of Economics and Political Science.

She is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Pasadena, Texas (Bill Barmore,) in District 5890 and is hosted by the Rotary Club of Harrow in London.
Aanchal wishes to thank the 1.2 million Rotarians around the world who contributed to The Rotary Foundation which funded her scholarship.

Anachal in front of the London School of Economics and Political Science
“Dear Rotary Family,
My goodness it’s incredible how time flies! We are almost at the end of our first term and the assessments are looming. My first few months here have been more than I could have dreamed. I am so fortunate to have not only landed in the perfect program for my future career goals, but also surrounded by people who embody the purest forms of kindness and altruistic ambition. I don’t even know where to start this recap!
I am so very grateful for it all – the coursework that I hoped to be engaged in, the professors and mentors who take the time to shepherd me, the space to explore new interests and hobbies. London very much feels like home now. The routines have been established, the favorite cafes have been pinned down, the gym routine refined, and the community expanding! The long hours of lectures, seminars and reading have been spotted with day trips to explore England, long walks around the city, pastry tastings at the local markets, and hosting friends over for special holidays. My flat mate and I hosted Diwali and Thanksgiving this year! The house very much feels like a home when you get to feed people you love.

A photo from Diwali and birthday at my flat. Having spent only a few weeks in London at the time, I am beyond grateful to have been able to celebrate such a special holiday (and my birthday) with so many new friends.
Outside of school, I have been taking boxing and dance classes! Friends, it is so hard and so much fun! It’s quite funny because as someone who has been powerlifting for almost a decade, I walked into the boxing lessons thinking it would be ‘no big deal’ – boy, was I wrong. It has been an incredible and wanted challenge. How fortunate I am to get the opportunity to push myself in new ways!
Now we are settling into the English winter. The skies become darker earlier and the days grow wetter – my little African heart is taking it’s time to adjust. But London really does dress up for Christmas so the lights, special markets, and warm beverages do wonders to make the weather manageable.
I am so grateful for all that I have been able to see and do, yet I know there is so much more to explore! My Rotary family, I could not possibly thank you enough. I know this year isn’t even half-way over but even now it has been an unparalleled experience. There are seemingly small moments gathered over the past 10 weeks that I am still working to properly digest – passing conversations, small segments of readings, mini revelations on long walks through a bustling city, brief spaces of self-reflection. I suppose this is as crucial a part of this experience as the degree program. Thanks to your support, kindness, and guidance – I am finding room to become a fuller version of myself. Please know that I fully intend to use all that I have gathered (hard skills in course work, and soft ones in fringes of time around) to be a more competent servant leader. Thank you for making this dream a reality.
With warmth,


Editor's note: Bill Davis is a Rotary Cadre Technical Advisor; served The Rotary Foundation from 2016-2020; was Scholarship co-chair District 5890 2016-2021, is a member of the Rotary Club of Lake Houston Area (formerly Humble); and is an Honorary member the Rotary Club of San Jose de Cucuta, Colombia and the Rotary Club of San Jose de Cucuta ll, Columbia.
A friend from school who I know I will be keeping for life.
Rotary Global Scholar Aanchal Thadani