Posted by Ernest Hauser on Nov 14, 2017

Rotary Family is a Very Special Kind of Family

Dr. Bob Cassidy from the Humble Club and his wife Karen left Houston to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on the morning of August 27. 

They were returning to where they began their lives together in 1967 in Germany where Bob was stationed. The Cassidys knew the Hurricane was on their doorstep but were reassured by the fact the water level on the lake behind their house actually receded from the day before in spite of the constant rain. They thought they were safe.

They never counted on Conroe opening the dam as they were reassured after 1994 the authorities would never do it again ( Politicians). On Thursday the 31st they saw on CNN International that Kingwood had flooded. They didn't have any idea what to do. They were uncertain of the time line since cell communication was sporadic, none for days at a time, but they eventually received a call from Linda and Mike Price (fellow Rotarian)who knew where they were

 On their own volition the Prices and their daughter Kala, with friends, went to the Cassidy's home the first day the 48  inches of floodwater had receded  and began clearing out the mess, found their flood insurance documents and contacted the insurance company as well as FEMA. They also hired a contractor and began the demolition process while the Cassidys were floating down the Rhine not knowing what was going on. 

They were resigned to let it sit till they returned. When they returned they were told by neighbors they had "Angel" friends that were at their house working before anyone else in the neighborhood. They said there was an army of people helping. 

They were also offered a fellow Rotarian's home when they returned. They were truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and will never be able to repay them for what they did completely on their own.  Incidentally, Karen's dad's name was "HARVEY".