A product of the RFE to Colombia a couple of years ago was the offer at that time from Homero Ponce Lopez, retired Captain of the HFD and now Rotarian of the University Area RC to offer a training class to firemen in Colombia. The Humble RC’s International Service Committee took his idea and suggestion and made it a reality in cooperation with the University Area RC and the Subachoque RC (a city in Colombia) and we brought to Colombia 3 instructors of the HFD. We donated two airline tickets and were the general coordinator, a business in Colombia, Inversiones Delrio, donated the third airline ticket. The Subachoque RC provided the lodging, meals and local transportation. Also the Subachoque club worked with the fire departments of five (5) small rural towns near Bogota by selecting the thirty (30) firemen that came for training. This particular class was about "Vehicular Extraction”, expertise that will help them save lives in the future.
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