Posted by Ernest Hauser on Nov 14, 2017
““Sgt. Hog’s D5890 Mail Call” Harvey’s Hell “Houston Strong” This edition of our newsletter is dedicated to Rotary District 5890, our Rotarians, Houston, Houstonians and our surrounding communities for showing unparalleled strength, courage, unity, dignity and sheer willpower in overcoming the devastation that was Hurricane Harvey. In next month’s issue, we will return to our normal district newsletter bringing you up to speed on district news and rotary happenings. As I’ve made my way back on to the Official visit trail, the constant I’ve seen in all our clubs is the tenacity with which we have come to the aid of all of those in need. Whether it’s mucking out individual homes or helping to rebuild entire schools, you have your “Boots on the Ground” and your hands in the mud working to rebuild. The rebuilding process will take years. And it’s not only structures that need rebuilding. It’s lives too. Our district is prepared for this challenge. We have the perfect Rotarians in place to take on this challenge and carry this process through. Beginning with our Disaster Relief Chair Wayne Beaumier and his Disaster Aid USA Team, we immediately began relief efforts. And we continue those relief efforts today. But Wayne and his team have 
now entered the rebuilding process as well, putting houses, and thus families, back together again. Recovery efforts go well outside of our district and will encompass other districts as well as other organizations and foundations within our district and area. Major recovery efforts may include rebuilding small businesses lost to the hurricane and other vocational projects. They may also include Behavioral Health services as many hurt by Harvey are suffering from PTSD. A Rotary Foundation Donor Advised Fund #608 (DAF) was established to assist the 5 Rotary Districts directly impacted by Harvey and to fund the types of recovery projects mentioned above as well as local club projects. Each of the 5 Districts that will participate in the DAF appointed one representative to the DAF Task Force Committee. This committee is charged with recommending and approving Harvey Recovery Projects to the DAF Management Committee. The DAF Management Committee, led by Past RI Director Greg Podd and including 3 other Past RI Directors, has final approval authority on all projects submitted by the Districts and approved by the DAF Task Force. Because of her vast experience and knowledge in multi-district and international relief and recovery projects including work in Haiti and Puerto Rico, with DGE Carmen Cuneo and DGN Gary Gillen’s agreement, I appointed Vicki Brentin as our District’s representative on the DAF Task Force. Projects covered by the DAF can be as much as $100,000.00 each. In addition to monies in the DAF, we now have approximately $130,000.00 in our District’s 5890 Charities, Inc., account available to our clubs for Harvey recovery projects. PDG Rhonda Walls Kerby leads the committee that approves applications for recovery project funds from our Charities account. The application form and other applicable documents will be available on our district website after this Wednesday’s “Harvey Foundation Seminar.” On Wednesday, November 8th, we had a Live Stream Foundation Seminar that is free to attend in person. This seminar was to inform us about the DAF Fund and our Charities, Inc fund and how the application and approval process works. The information and forms are available on our District website.